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Welcome to Aarspak OÜ homepage!


Many understate the role of packaging, but the reality is that packaging is what helps to transport products from point A to point B undamaged, to store products in a warehouse safely and to make their apparance more attractive on the outlet.

Aarspak OÜ is a family business established in 1996 operating in the field of packaging. Our activities mostly include packaging and producing packaging components. Our main clients are various packaging service centres. On a smaller scale, we offer from start to finish the packaging of products, this means from the design to transportation.

Our goal is to provide our partners a reliable service and to secure our position in the increasingly competitive conditions in the field of packaging.

The materials that we use for packaging are of high quality and certified.




We perform all work relating to the manufacture of the package. First, we construct according to the clients’ needs the package and then send it into production. In the process of forming we use three platen presses and a highly automatic forming machine. Also we offer to our clients the services of adhesion and arranging the products into sets, with smaller amounts these services are performed by hand. When the product is ready, we also offer a transport service.



Packages for transportation

Packages out of corrugated cardboard

Packages for electronics

Packages for alcohol

Packages for pizza

Packages for special purposes

Cake packaging

Confectionery boxes

Cake boxes

Gift boxes


Size according to the customers wishes. Additional questions, please send an e-mail or contact us by phone. All the necessary information in order to do so can be found under „Contact“.







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